Easton XX75 2016 G Nock Small Uni Bushings

By | 15th May 2017

Easton XX75 2016 G Nock Small Uni Bushings or how to get G nock smalls to fit in 2016 XX75 arrows.

I started archery with a set of 1916 Easton XX75 Platinum Plus arrows that were fitted with Easton G nock smalls. I used these arrows for ages before deciding on some Easton ACC arrows for outside which also took the Easton G nock smalls. When it came to replace my 1916 XX75 arrows I moved to a 2016 XX75 arrow. What I noticed straight away was that my favourite Easton G nock smalls were nowhere to be found instead I had now got some Easton Super nocks because the diameter of the 2016 arrows is too big to take the G nock smalls.

I shot with the super nocks for quite a while before deciding that my string was too loose in the nock and I wanted to change the nock.

So how do you fit a G nock small to an XX75 2016 arrow?

Well you buy some Easton Lightspeed uni-bushings which will fit directly into the super nock bushings.

Just remove your Easton super nocks, hot glue in the Easton Lightspeed uni-bushings (when cool) then insert your Easton G nock smalls – sorted.

Alternatively you could keep the Easton super nocks on your 2016 arrows and just increase the strand size of your string or add extra serving to your string, for me it was cheaper to add in the Lightspeed uni-bushings plus all my nocks are now the same size on all my arrows. This also means I only have to buy and carry one size of nock.

Easton Super Nock on 2016 (top) vs Easton G Nock Small on 1916 (bottom)

Easton G Nock Small vs Easton Super Nock

Remove the Easton Super Nock

remove the easton super nock

Add the Lightspeed Uni Bushing (hot glue)

Add Lightspeed uni-bushing to 2016 arrows

Now when cool attach the Easton G Nock small nocks.

Add G Nock small to 2016 arrow