Carter Insatiable 3 Compound Release Aid Review

By | 6th December 2022

After purchasing my Kinetic Mirage compound bow many years ago and shooting it occasionally with the supplied wrist strap release, I was interested to now try out a thumb trigger release.

The problem I seem to have with wrist strap releases is that they move along your wrist no matter how tightly you fix them on and then I do find that the cord from the wrist strap to the trigger part does seem to move and stretch a little. I then find my self reaching for the trigger sometimes which can greatly affect my shot.

Before going out and purchasing a new thumb trigger, I wanted to try one out, luckily as a left hander they are ambidextrous, and I had a friend who could lend me one. He lent me a three finger Carter Insatiable 3 release.

I soon found that the Carter release was very smooth and nice in the hand. Once I figured out the way to set it up on the D loop it shot nicely. One evening I also tried a cheaper release, one about a third of the price. But that felt badly put together and, in your hand, you could feel every movement of the internal mechanisms, something you never felt with the Carter.

Ina way the Carter should be better as it was a lot more money than the other cheaper release. After looking around for a Carter Insatiable 3 I found one at £160 but that was last years prices and they were out of stock at that price, this year (end of 2022) they are now around £220 to £260 online.

The Carter Insatiable 3 is certainly an investment at that price, but certainly a good one as I think it will probably last you forever. If you want one cheaper, then it’s probably worth looking on the second-hand market.

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Carter Insatiable 3 Release Aid