Axcel Sjef RXF Curve Recurve Scope Sight Review

By | 20th August 2019

One of main reasons I started looking at different sights again for my recurve bow was that the once loved Decut Tawant with a Shibuya fibre optic does have some drawbacks. The main one is that the Decut Tawant has a lens in it, so if it’s raining that lens is going to fill up with water or have water droplets on it no matter how careful you are in the rain. Secondly one morning I managed to see a reflection of myself in the lens when shooting – that was very off putting. Indoors you don’t have these problems.

So I started to look at other sights, one of those was the Beiter Sight Tunnel which I have previously posted about here –   After trying that for a couple of weeks I wanted to try some others. My two sights I considered was the Shrewd Brady Ellison Flex sight and the Sjef Axcel RXF Sight.

The Brady Ellison Shrewd sight again has a lens in it, so I didn’t really want a lens in it again. Although this version does come with some sun shields you can screw on. But in World Archery rules the scope housing can only be 2cm long, which restricts how much shade and accessories you can add to it.

The Axcel RXF Curve scope does not have a lens in it, so there was no problem with rain or with reflections. Another great thing about it is that it has lots of fiber optic wrapped all the way around it, so the dot is nice and bright.

You do get 4 different centres you can try out, three circles and one square. I currently use the smallest circle. The square is 1cm, then the 3 circles are 3/8″, 7/16″ and 1/2″ diameter. The thread supplied is a standard 8-32″.

The Axcel RXF scope is available in both left and right handed versions. You can also choose from Red and Green optic colours with either a 0.029 or 0.019 fibre size.

If you prefer a dot with nothing else around it, then you won’t like this scope. As it does not have a lens it does have to have a vertical bar coming from the bottom of the scope which holds the fibre in place.

The only other disadvantage of the scope for me is the diameter size of it. It is slighty bigger than the Decut Tawant sight and the Beiter sight tunnel. This means that when I am shooting 90m I have to watch out for my arrow clearance (I’m on about 36lb shooting ACE arrows). Instead of being able to come down lower and closer to the arrow on the rest with my other scopes/sights I have to instead bring the sight bar in towards me and I can’t get as far down on my sight with the RXF scope.  This won’t be a problem if you shoot higher poundage limbs or don’t routinely shoot longer distances.

So far I love the Sjef Axcel RXF Scope, although to date I have only shot it outdoors, so I am interested to know what it’s like indoors.

I do have a video on YouTube that I did on the Sjef Axcel RXF Curve Recure scope.