Decut Arrow Cutter Review

By | 4th August 2020

If you ever have the need to cut your own arrows and are getting a bit bored of travelling to your not so local archery shop or store then how about purchasing your own arrow cutter? Admitedly an arrow cutter might not be for everybody and you’d need to cut a few arrows to make it pay for itself. You could always see if your archery club has one that they can lend you, or get your archery club to buy one!

If you do decide to get one, take a look at the Decut PCOCUT arrow cutter. It’s relatively low cost at just over £100 and does a good job of cutting all types of arrows.

The build quality of the Decut arrow cutter is really good and it comes almost fully assembled out of the box. All you need to really do is connect the power supply. The PSU also has a foot pedal about half way along the cable which is the only way to operate the unit, as there is no on/off switch on the unit itself.

The Decut arrow cutter comes with a grinding wheel already fitted, and there is a spare one in the box. Note the one we purchased in the UK came with a 2 pin European plug, but you could easily remove this plug and fit one to adapt for your region.

The Decut arrow cutter is really easy to use, but do be careful and always wear goggles, gloves and a mask. You’ll probably also need a vacuum cleaner on hand ready to suck up any carbon if you are cutting carbon arrows.

If you want to see my Decut Arrow Cutter video review just head on over to my channel on YouTube.