BOWdometer Unboxing. What do you get?

By | 9th March 2021

bowdometer unboxing video

I was really happy to partner with BOWdometer and become one of their ambassadors. The great thing about being a BOWdometer ambassador is of course getting a BOWdometer for free, but actually learning about what it can do and how great the company who manufacture it are.

BOWdometer Unboxing

If you purchase the BOWdometer yourself insode the lovely BOWdometer box you will get:

  • BOWdometer
  • Mount with velcro straps
  • Sticker
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction booklet

The mount comes with velcro straps so it’s really easy to put the BOWdometer anywhere on your bow and easily remove it, in case you need to charge it. The mount also has 3 holes in it. This allows you to remove the velcro straps and use a bolt (the same size as your stabiliser mounting threads) to position it somewhere else. As the BOWdometer can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.

When you get your BOWdometer, remember to charge it before you do anything else. Use the USB cable that came with it and plug it into either a laptop, PC, hey even a USB port on a printer! Or just just a mobile phone mains adaptor.

The BOWdometer does not have to be used with  the BOWdometer app, as the BOWdometer has it’s own screen and two buttons on it. But it is worthwhile downloading the app and syncing it with the BOWdometer as the app contains a lot more information that you otherwise can’t see.

Buy a BOWdometer

If you want to purchase your own BOWdometer direct from BOWdometer head over to their online shop and order yours today.

Buy your BOWdometer

BOWdometer Ambassador Goody Bag

If you become a BOWdometer ambassador on top of the BOWdometer itself, I also got sent:

  • An extra plastic mount
  • 2x bolts to hold the mounts in place
  • 2x vinyl wraps to personalise it
  • An extra different BOWdometer sticker
  • BOWdometer notebook

bowdometer ambassador program goody bag

BOWdometer Unboxing Video

As it’s a lot better to actually watch unboxing, why not head on over to my YouTube channel and watch my BOWdometer Unboxing video.

YouTube Archery Channel

bowdometer unboxing video