Cutting Arrows with the Decut POCUT Arrow Cutter

By | 4th May 2021

arrow cutting with the decut arrow cutter

About a year after reviewing and unboxing the Decut PCOCUT arrow cutter I have finally had the chance to use it. I had some older Easton ACC arrows that needed cutting down. I’d use these arrows when coming up my recurve poundage and at the time wasn’t using a clicker, so they were too long for me hence the reason to cut them.

I began by using my TackLife Heat Gun that I purchased from Amazon to heat up the arrow points so that I could remove them.  The great thing about the TackLife Heat Gun is that it can sit on its back. I set the heat gun to about 160 degrees on a low fan speed. All you need to do is hover the points over the heat gun and then use some pliers to remove the points once they are heated enough.

I then set up the Decut arrow cutter. I made sure I had some safety glasses and a mask to wear. I also used a vacuum cleaner and clamped the open nozzle of the cleaner to the desk close to the cutting wheel in the hope it would suck away all the carbon dust.

I then took an arrow that I knew was the correct length and adjusted the arrow cutter so that it cut my arrows to the same length. Luckily, I was using the same nocks on both arrows, but watch out for that just in case your nocks are slightly different between arrows as Easton and Beiter nock lengths are different.

The Decut arrow cutter does not have an on/off switch but just a foot pedal, so be careful and make sure you turn off the arrow cutter at the plug when you are not using it.

I started the vacuum cleaner first, then started the arrow cutter and cut my first arrow. It is important to rotate the arrow in your fingers whilst cutting it, and then once it’s cut rotate it again to clean the end.

I was amazed at how quickly the Decut arrow cutter cut my arrows, with no effort. The funny thing was the vacuum cleaner not only sucked in the carbon dust but also the part of the arrow that I’d cut off.

After I had finished, I cleaned the arrow cutter with a damp kitchen towel to remove all the dust from it.

Before heating up the arrow points with the heat gun and re-inserting them into the arrow shafts I decided to get an interdental brush and clean out the ends of the shafts to remove any excess carbon pieces and dust.

If you want to see me cut the arrows, then please head on over to my YouTube channel and watch my Decut POCUT Arrow Cutting video.

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arrow cutting with the cecut arrow cutter