My Arrow History – Easton XX75, ACC, ACE

By | 22nd December 2020

my arrow history

Easton XX75 Arrows

My arrow history begins with the first set of arrows I ever purchased when buying my first archery kit as a beginner. I had no idea what arrows I wanted, but was measured up and sold a set of Easton Platinum Plus XX75 aluminium arrows, all I had to was to choose the colour of my vanes. Those 1916 arrows (which I still have some of them) lasted for ages until I increased the poundage of my draw weight and then changed to some Easton XX75 Platinum Plus 2016 arrows.  Those arrows I also still have and have actually gone back to the 1916 arrows, of which I have purchased more for my field/clout bow set up.

Easton ACC Arrows

After wanting to shoot longer distances of more than 50m or 50 yards outdoors I decided I needed some carbon/aluminium arrows and for those I turned to the very popular Easton ACC arrows (production stopped for these in 2021). Such a quality classic arrow, I now felt I was very professional. This time my spine was a 620 spine. I also have a set of 500 spine Easton ACC arrows for my compound bow, which I purchased second hand and re-fletched.

Easton ACE Arrows

The XX75 arrows continued to be my choice for indoor arrows, whilst I used the ACC arrows outdoors. Fast forward a few years and I then purchased a second hand set of Easton ACE arrows. These also had to be worked on, but this time I decided I wanted arrow wraps and spin wings. So this meant teaching myself how to do that.

I still use the Easton ACE arrows and would purchase them again, unless I decide to try out some X10 arrows, but these may affect my sight marks too much if I still want to shoot 90m/100yards. But for me staying on 70m with an X10 will be fine at my current 37lb draw weight.

Easton Triumph Arrows

Whilst I used ACE arrows outdoors, I decided I wanted a slightly fatter arrow indoors. This was to be either the Easton Fatboy arrows or the Easton Triumph arrows, both were all carbon. I went for the Triumph arrows and purchased these in a 500 spine. I’ve managed to shoot these on my compound and recurve bows. I just need to rotate the nocks. I began with an average point weight in these, but then decided to try a very heavy 200 grain point, which is the reason I think they work so well on both types of bow.

Carbon Express X-Buster Arrows

At one point I thought the 500 spines of the Triumph arrows were not working well for me on my recurve bow, probably at the point when I was shooting a slightly lower draw weight of around 34lb due to an injury. So next up comes the Carbon Express X-Buster in a 600 spine. The first time I have ever purchased a non-Easton arrow. But the finish and look of them is amazing. I went for a red and white feather combination. Initially I thought I would be fixing feather vanes all the time, but they are really long lasting and I have no regrets and have not had to break open the spare feather vanes I bought at all yet.

It turned out that when going back up to my 37lb draw weight I didn’t like the 600 spine Carbon Express arrows so much so returned to the 500 spined Easton Triumph arrows. So as of 2021 I am still using Easton ACE outdoors and Easton Triumph arrows indoors.

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my arrow history