MyTargets Archery Scoring App Backup Problem

By | 17th March 2022

I changed my mobile phone over Christmas 2020 from a Galaxy S10 to a Galaxy S21. I d been using MyTargets for over 6 months and had recorded quite a few rounds onto the app. I always made sure that I backed up the data to the phone periodically.

When it came to moving over to a different phone I though it would be easy for either the phone to automatically copy over my data or it would be up to me to connect my phone to my PC and find the backup files and then transfer them and import them myself into the app on my new phone. It wasn’t that simple!

When I connected my old phone to my PC, I could not find the folder that on the phone that the app said where the files were. This worried me. I tried to create the folders on the phone and hope it would then backup the files to that location. But that did not work either. I then tried backing up via the Google Drive option, but that option just seems to try and work but never completes.

I’d run out of options. I ended up trying to contact the author via GitHub as listed on the app page details in Google Play, no response. I then contacted Mantis directly. They did respond and tell me that they were aware of the bug and had to timeframe of when it will be fixed.

It’s a shame as MyTargets is a good scoring app and one of my favourites. Hopefully, by the time you read this the bug may be fixed. 

I was advised to keep my old phone and then wait for the bug to be fixed. In the end I factory reset my old phone and listed it for sale. So, I have lost the old data, although I did supply the scores to my records office at my archery club – so all was not lost.

The thing to do whilst the MyTargets bug is still in place may be to continue to periodically backup the data, but also export your scores to PDF files for your reference.

If you want to see me going through the MyTargets app and showing you the problem, then please head on over to my YouTube archery channel and watch my video “My Targets Archery Scoring App – Backup Problem”. Whilst you are there don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube archery channel.

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