Archery Training 22-01-2016

By | 23rd January 2016

Tonight it was back to the Portsmouth targets, My third time shooting at 40lb draw weight. It felt OK tonight, I wasn’t too tired by the end of the night. One thing that does bug me is managing to get the sight exactly at the same place every time I put the sight back together.

I have noticed that some sights allow you to remove the sight pin part so the body of the sight stays on the sight arm, this allows people who shoot indoors to keep their exact sight mark week in week out.

Unfortunately on my SF Ultimate Pro sight I have to remove the whole moveable sight block part away from the sight arm to store it. I can’t just unscrew the sight pin as it’s connected to the whole block and not easy to remove.

sf ultimate pro sight

I do record my indoor sight marks and know roughly where they are, but I always seem to have to slightly tweak my sight marks. I suppose that’s why we have sighters in order to perfect the sight marks.

Another thing I tried to concentrate on tonight when drawing was to draw back smoothly and slowly and not rush the draw like I seem to do at the moment.