Warwick – Nearly a Club Record

By | 12th May 2016

Only 5 of us turned up for shooting last night, that must be the lowest number for a while. But the great thing was there was no wind last night on the field for a change.

I decided to shoot and score a standard Warwick round (2 dozen arrows at 60yds and 2 dozen arrows at 50yds). It’s funny how after shooting the 60yds I think I actually shoot better on the longer 60yds than the 50yds.

But I ended up with 21 Golds out of 48, but unfortunately four 5’s appeared on my score sheet throughout the round. This gave me a total of 366 out of a possible 432. Our current club record for senior Gents is 338. So I was a bit gutted not to have turned some of those 5’s into 7’s or 9’s.

Never mind it was still a personal best for me, and I shall try again on the next clam evening.