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Portsmouth Sunday 21/02/2016

10 10 10 endToday we shot a Portsmouth, which was probably a good idea after shooting the fun Valentine’s Day shoot last week. Some of us also have the 10th Annual Portsmouth shoot at the Fenland Archery Club in a months time, so we need all the practice we can get.

It all went quite well, there were still a few odd arrows going into the 6 and 7 rings. But sometimes you think why did it go in the 6 or 7 when I aimed at the gold and it felt like I just made exactly the same shot as when the arrow goes in the gold. For me really it’s all about the aim, and keeping it as steady as possible.

Although today I think I did actually get my first 10 10 10 end which was surprising, as a lot of the time I can get 10 10 9, but it’s nice to get the 101010 – so here it is, hey come on I had to take a picture of it!

I am getting used to the Hoyt 720 limbs now, I don’t think I could go back to the SF Axioms now. I ended up with 510 today, my best is 524. Probably the best score I’ve had a for a while.

Archery Training 19-02-2016

Best end of the nightTonight there seemed a lot less of us shooting, we all shot at Portsmouth targets. Shooting didn’t really click with me to start off with with most arrows were going in the 8 or just cutting the 9 line.

It wasn’t until about half way through the night that everything clicked and I started hitting the 9’s and 10’s.

Overall a good night of shooting. Plus also, two people in the club now have Uukha limbs, they have a nice finish to them, and seem to be growing in popularity.

I also ordered a new finger tab this week from eBay, it came on Friday. I bought exactly the same one as before as a backup in case I lose my main one, as the other week a bolt came out of my bow stand, which made it impossible to use, and if you don’t have a bow stand you have to prop your bow up against something, it’s really inconvenient. So I started thinking of all these spare items I should have like spare strings, spare finger tabs hey maybe even a spare stand?

Valentines Day Shoot

valentines day target Today I arranged a Valentines Day shoot. Ian printed the targets for us and we had 3 inner hearts and 3 larger outer hearts. The same style as a Vegas round. Recurve archers scored 1 point for the outer heart and 2 points for the inner heart. Compound archers scored 1 point for the inner heart and 0.5 point for the outer heart.

We didn’t bother with sighters today, as we didn’t know how long the paper targets would last, but they held up quite well.

I ended up coming joint 6th out of 15 archers. I still found myself tweaking my button and sights but it is really useful to tune when shooting tiny targets.

We had 5 chocolate prizes, and gave out prizes to the top 3 archers, then put the remaining scores into a bag and pulled out two winners of the remaining chocolates.

valentines day compund target

Valentines Day Scoresheet

Archery Training 12/02/16

At training tonight I opened my bag and my bow stand fell apart. It took several ends to find the metal part that fits into the leg part to allow the leg to be screwed into it. It strange, but not having a stand is debilitating. You can’t put your bow down. Sometimes I wonder if its worth getting a spare stand or anything else as a spare.

What would happen if you lost your only finger tab, or your string snapped? Maybe a spare string and finger tab is a good idea.

As I hadn’t shot the Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs at 38lb at 20yards I spent most of the evening tweaking the button and the sight. Otherwise practice didn’t go too bad.

Archery Training 05/02/16

This evening at training I brought my Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs and new string to set up. I decided to put metal nocks on the string again even though a lot of people seem to use thread or even dental floss for nock points.

I borrowed a pair of nock pliers and added the metal nocks to the string, it took several ends and I mean several to get the nock points correct so the arrows flew straight.

I then adjusted my button spring and then my metal arrow rest and was all sorted or so I thought. Thing is I didn’t check my centre shot at all, but I did this during the week in the end.

I shot during the week at home and after changing my centre shot I decided to drop my poundage back to 38lb down from 40lb. I was struggling a bit with 40lb, and if we go outside in 6 weeks and start shooting 6 arrows I will be crippled. So I think I will stay on 38lb for a bit longer.

Brace Height Basics

A taller brace height will:

1. Increase draw weight
2. Decrease arrow speed
3. Soften the dynamic spine of the arrow

A shorter brace height will:

1. Decrease draw weight
2. Increase arrow speed
3. Stiffen the dynamic spine of the arrow

Find out what brace height you are happy with by testing your bow at various brace heights. Check your riser and limb manufacturers user manual to find out what brace heights they recommend.

Amend your brace height by adding or removing twists to/from your bow string.

Measure your brace height by using a bow square. Place the bow square at the throat position of your handle on your riser (the thinnest part of your grip) and read the measurement shown on the bow square where the string meets the bow square.

Hoyt Carbon 720 Limbs

I finally succumbed to purchasing some Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs that I wanted. I ended up ordering them from Merlin Archery for around £208 + delivery. That was about the cheapest I could find them online.

On the Merlin website it also showed the limbs I wanted (36lb) as being in stock so I thought delivery would be speedy. But it turned out they were still not really in stock and they were a special order, so they arrived in about 10 days in the end.

Un-boxing the Hoyt 720 limbs showed they came with a Hoyt user manual, a Hoyt sticker and they came with some nice Hoyt limb covers.

I decided to weigh them the other day to find out if they were in fact lighter than my SF Axiom limbs.

SF Axiom limbs: 420g
Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs: 400g

So not a lot in it really, but nice to know I am lifting 20g less than before.

What made me decide on Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs:

  • They were around the price I wanted to pay – £200
  • I already had a Hoyt riser so wanted to match the two together
  • Someone else at my club had some and they liked them
  • Hoyt is a good brand

I decided to take a video of myself un-boxing the Hoyt 720 limbs, as un-boxing things these days seems to be so popular on YouTube.

Un-boxing the Hoyt 720 limbs on YouTube.