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Archery Target Photography

Now, here’s an easy one, or is it? Archery Target Photography – when taking photographs of targets with arrows in, should the arrows be ‘out of focus’ or ‘in focus’ to get the better shot?

This could divide opinion. In my mind the arrows being ‘in focus’ seems more pleasing to me. But if the arrows are in focus you can really see where the arrow points have landed, and isn’t that more important? So arrows out of focus is then better.

Or should you not take the image from the end of the arrows but actually is it better to take the photograph from the side or from a diagonal angle? Should you get the whole of the arrows into the frame or is where the arrows have landed more important to the image?

arrows out of focus

arrows in focus

Archery Tip 2 – Target Pin Alternatives

In this video I show you a quick tip on archery target pin alternatives, just in case you don’t have any archery pins to hand. Watch and find out what this simple tip is.

Archery Tip 2 – Target Pin Alternatives

Archery Tip 1 – Improve lifetime of your layered foam target

In this video I show you a quick tip on how to make your layered foam archery target last longer. No, it’s not shooting at it, or keeping it indoors. Watch and find out what this simple tip is.

Archery Tip 1 – Improve lifetime of your layered foam target

Portsmouth Zero Round

On Sunday we had our end of season shoot with a newly devised round called a Portsmouth Zero.

It’s a regular Portsmouth but once you have shot 12 arrows you take the higher 6 arrow score away from the lower 6 arrow score and this number goes in the end row box.

You then do the same thing for the following 5 rows on the scoresheet. At the end you add up the 6 numbers in the columns and you come up with your final score.

The winner is the archer with the total number closest to zero.

Getting a number closer to zero should mean that you are shooting consistently, but this could be consistently well or consistently badly.

I ended up 4th with a Portsmouth Zero score of 14 and a Portsmouth score of 510.

The only problem is that the archer if monitoring the score sheet could go ahead and on purpose shoot a particular score they need to obtain a low ‘end of the row’ score.

If this wanted to be extended I suppose you could think about not just adding up horizontal groups of arrows you could add up the vertical numbers as well, in order to get an even better overall feel of how consistently the shooting was.

Further to this you could look at handicaps or add penalty points if the ‘row score’ is not over a certain value.

We are always trying to come up with something different to shoot on a special shoot day, (we played black jack with 3 arrows at Christmas) so if you have anything that could be of use to us and fun please me know.

Fenland Archers Portsmouth Tournament 2016

This was my first time at the Sir Harry College in Whittlesey for the Fenland Archers Portsmouth Tournament. If you go in the future make sure you drive right around the back of the site as that’s where everybody parks. The venue has its good and bad parts. The good part is I liked the outer hall for setting up in, before going into the shooting hall. But the downside was that the shooting hall was very cramped with not much room behind the waiting line. Another downside was that you seemed to be either in the hall or out, there was no real space for spectators. There is a balcony with a gym on it, which if open would have made a good place to watch the shooting and take some photos.

Booking in and finding your boss location was easy and nicely presented on a board. I had trained the night before and had several ends of 10 10 10, but could I reproduce this today – no way. After only about 5 ends did my aim start to shake, which usually happens more towards the end of the round. I wonder if it was either nerves or a lack of stamina, as I had shot the night before. Next time as a test I may try and not practice the night before and see if it makes a difference.

A lot of my arrows ended up in the 7,8,9 zones although amazingly I did manage to end the shoot on a 10 10 10 end. My overall score was 507. This was only my second tournament and was good experience either way, a thoroughly enjoyable day out.

I am third from the right in this image.

Fenland Archers Portsmouth Tournament

fenland archers 10 10 10 end

My Bow

Portsmouth Round 526

Today was one of our last chances to shoot a Portsmouth before the indoor season finishes and we move outside in early April.

Having been told to change my release has really helped. Previously I was just releasing under my chin and not drawing the release back. I do find that releasing back has helped a lot and it also seems to keep the string in a straight line as it comes back through.

I still lost some of my energy and felt the bow move around a bit when I had about 6 ends to go. In the end I finished with a personal best of 526, my previous was 524. It was also nice to have a 10 10 10 end.

10 10 10 Portsmouth End

I did drop the odd shot with my worst scores being 2, 5 and 7.

This puts me in a good mood with the Fenland Archers Portsmouth 2016 shoot next Saturday 19th March.

Shooting the Bray

Bray Target with arrows This Sunday the nominated round was a Bray 1 at 20 yards. There is something brilliant about shooting at the smaller 40cm targets, which really enables you to hone your aiming skills.

A Bray round is shot at a 40cm target, at a distance of 20 yards. There are only 10 ends of 3 arrows, so the total number of arrows shot is 30. This makes it a quick round to shoot, a really good one if you don’t have much time at the range or at your club perhaps on a training night.

I always shoot at a 40cm Bray target at home on my small 60cm layered foam boss target. The reason being the paper targets costs a bit less and I only have about 12 to 14 yards to shoot at so making the target smaller makes it seem like a 60cm Portsmouth target face at 20 yards.

My current Bray record is 229 which I shot in March 2015. Today I scored 212. Typically when you finish scoring and you put in a few more rounds practice on the same target you start getting consistent and in the gold more often, why is that?

Trip to Aim4Sport

Karl and I took a trip to Aim4Sport on Thursday. Karl was after a new clicker as his carbon Win and Win clicker had snapped in two in his bag. So he was not going to buy another one – so opted for a metal Beiter clicker. He then found it was a slightly longer fit than the Win and Win carbon clicker so had his Easton ACC arrows shortened by about a centimetre. He also tried out and then purchased some Axiom 10″ side rods together with a standard Mybo V bar and 4″ extension.

I on the other hand was after some new arrows. I didn’t know whether to go for some Easton Fatboy arrows, or stick with Easton Platinum Plus XX75 arrows with a different spine. After talking to Dave I was write about not choosing all carbon Fatboy arrows when shooting into straw on a shared target. So I went for XX75 2016 arrows. I shot with them on the Friday night at the club and they seem a bit thicker than my 1916 arrows. The only downside is that when you go above 1916 you can’t have the G nock small nocks anymore, so I have the Easton Super Nocks, which I don’t know if I like them yet, as they are a bit longer than the G nock small.

Easton Super Nock at the top.

Easton G Nock Small vs Easton Super Nock

Easton G Nock Small at the bottom.

My Easton indoor arrow 2016 set up:

Easton Platinum Plus XX75 2016
Easton Super Nock
Bullet Points – 90 grain
EP23 Fletches

I also purchased a cliniband/theraband and a new stand that was sitting the bargain bin. The Cartel stand allows me to use it like a normal stand with the bow horizontal, or to place the bow in the stand vertically. Must not forget I also purchased a standard Mybo 45 degree V bar as well. I decided to give it a go as the other V bar I have is 35 degrees, so I wanted to see if it made a difference. So I am now going to go back to trying short rods again after previously finding them too heavy, as they add on about 550-600g to your set up.