Cutting the Fairweather Barebow Tab

By | 22nd December 2021

I eventually got around to cutting the Fairweather Barebow tab. I ended up just using some sharp scissors and cutting it the same size as my Decut Barbi barebow tab. I used that as a template underneath when performing the cut.

I did remember to make sure I cut just the kangaroo leather first and made sure I made the suede part longer than the leather. As when you curl your fingers round both the leather and suede are then of equal length. Otherwise, if you could them both the same size, you will find the suede part is then shorter than your leather part when you curl your fingers around mimicking full draw.

fairweather barebow tab cut

It does look like the tab could do with a bit more cutting off it, as there is still some leather showing after my fingers have stopped. But I didn’t want to cut it too much, as you can’t stick the leather back on. So, I’ll try shooting with the Fairweather tab first and see how it feels before I think about cutting more leather off. Although of course with me purchasing the Pro Tab version I did get three pieces of leather in the box, so I do have more chances of getting a correct cut.

fairweather barebow tab leather cut

The next step is to add the white marking sticker strips and get some crawl marks on it.

If you want to have a look at me reviewing the Fairweather tab head on over to my archery YouTube channel and watch my Fairweather Pro tab video review.

archery videos on youtube

fairweather barebow tab