Decut Barbi Barebow Archery Finger Tab Review

By | 17th November 2021

The Decut Barbi barebow tab is a really great value for money tab which cost me around £30 GBP. Before ordering the Barbi I was just using an old Decut HockII tab but with the finger spacer removed and with the metal shelf adjusted to fit me better. But I thought it was worth buying a specific barebow tab so that I could get used to string walking and trying to get some good markings on the tab, instead of just going by the larger screw holes that screw the metal plate onto the leather. Although I must admit I still use the larger screw holes even on the Barbi tab as I find them easier to see, as my eyesight is a bit rubbish close up, but I can’t wear glasses for shooting otherwise the target will be very blurry.

The Decut Barbi tab comes with several different parts including a metal top shelf which you can adjust height wise or remove completely. It also comes with a palm rest which is adjustable depending on the size of your hand. I like it to touch the inner part of my palm, so it does not move around when I’m at full draw.

decut barbi tab

There is also a pinkie finger hook, which I used to use on my recurve tab, but no longer do. There is also an Allen key so you can adjust the screws in case they become loose.

The leather is nice and smooth on the Barbi tab, and it also has a piece of suede underneath it.

As you would expect on a barebow tab there are two types of marks running down the inside of the tab in white, which are very clear to read with lots of reference points for string walking (crawling).

You can also adjust the tightness of the cloth part that goes over your finger through a buckle that hides inside the tab.

I do like this tab for its value for money, quality and for its adjustability. The tab comes in various sizes (small, medium, large and extra large XL), I went for a medium sized one.

Talking about the Decut Barbi tab does not really do it justice. So, to see the Decut Barbi tab head on over to YouTube and look at my Decut Barbi video review.

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