Fixing my Cartel RX10 Bow Stand

By | 29th June 2021

I broke my Cartel RX10 Bow Stand, yes I was trying to walk over it whilst making a video and my leg caught the stand and pushed the bow over and part of the arm broke off. I tried everything to glue it back on from super glue, vane glue, hot glue and even melting the plastic to try and get adhesion with a soldering iron. But nothing worked.

Instead of purchasing a new bow stand I decided to try and re-create the part in Fusion360 and print it out on my 3D printer.

I began with a design that was very blocky and basic based on the sizes of the original. But I then had a thought about scanning the part and bringing it into Fusion360 and tracing around it.

So I sellotaped the part together and put it into my Epson printer scanner, I saved the scan as a JPG and imported it into Fusion360, I then needed to make sure I had scaled it to the correct size.

I then chose the line tool and drew around the outline and then extruded it. I then created a tube for the stand part to go into. But the original had an angled part that meant going off and learning how to create this in Fusion360 but I did manage it and made a separate version with the angled part in.

RX10 Bow Stand in Fusion 360

I exported the file to an STL file and loaded it into my 3D Printer slicing software and printed it out in white and then painted the part in a slight beige colour to try and match the original.

Angled RX10 Bow Stand in Fusion 360

3d Printed RX10 Bow Stand

So far after several weeks of use the part is still in use, but if it does every break again I can always print another one.

If you’re interested in seeing more on this topic why not watch my YouTube video on Fixing My Broken Cartel RX-10 Bow Stand

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