Last Chance Archery Pocket Shop Tool Multi Tool

By | 25th December 2020

Pocket Shop Multi-Tool

The Last Chance Archery pocket tool is a 20 in 1 multi-tool especially designed for archery purposes.

Along with the tool comes a Velcro case with a belt loop on it, that nicely stores all the attachments that come with the Last Chance Archery multi-tool. There is also a small Allen key so you can adjust the tension of the multi-tool which adjusts how easily the tools spread out from the tool itself.

The multi-tool is made of a CR2 stainless steel.

Pocket Shop Tools List

On the multi-tool itself is a number of useful tools including:

  1. Needle Nose Pliers    
  2. Pliers    
  3. Shearing Device    
  4. Nail File / Ruler 
  5. Large Slotted Screwdriver    
  6. Small Slotted Screwdriver    
  7. Sharp Knife
  8. Saw Blade / Fish Knife
  9. Scraping Tool
  10. Phillips Screwdriver / Hex Interchange
  11. Bottle / Can Opener
  12. Hex Bit Socket   
  13. Hex Bit Set    
  14. Allen Head to Adjust Handle Tension

Pocket Shop Slot On Tools

Along with the main tool is a range of magnetic slot on tools perfect for archery bows. The list of magnetic tools includes:

  1. Hex Bit Socket   
  2. Torx 15    
  3. Torx 20    
  4. 1/4” Allen    
  5. 7/32“ Allen    
  6. 3/16” Allen    
  7. 5/32” Allen    
  8. 9/64“ Allen    
  9. 1/8” Allen    
  10. 7/64“ Allen    
  11. 3/32” Allen    
  12. 5/64” Allen    
  13. 1/16” Allen

Overall, this is a really made multi-tool. It would make a brilliant addition to your archery tools in your kit bag. It would also make a great gift for someone.

Pocket Shop Multi Tool YouTube Video

If you want to see the tool for yourself, check out my YouTube video of the Last Chance Archer Pocket Shop Tool in which I show off the Last Chance Archery Pocket Shop multi-tool and show you each and every tool on-board.

Pocket Shop Multi-Tool

How To Order the Pocket Shop Tool

You can purchase the Last Chance Archery Pocket Shop Tool directly from Last Chance Archery in the US, otherwise you’ll need to look to your local archery retailer or try eBay