Easton 4mm ACE Break Off Arrow Points

By | 28th July 2021

Easton have now stopped producing the Easton ACE inserts and screw-in points in 2021. This means you either need to change all your points or look to the second-hand market if you want to buy more, or even a competitor’s brand of points.

old style ACE points

Old Style Easton ACE Points (pre 2021)

So, what’s the new alternative, well it is some very nice smoky coloured break off points. These new Easton 4mm break-off points allow you to choose your point weight from 80 grains to 130 grains. Each break off section is 10 grains. If you want lighter than 80 grains I believe there is a set for 60 to 80 grains as well.

new style Easton ACE point

New style Easton 4mm ACE arrow point

I decided to change all my points over to the new style points. I’d never had break off points before, so didn’t know the best way to ’break them off’. Boy, it was harder than I thought. I ended up using a masonry chisel with a lump hammer to get them to break off. I had tried rotary tools, heating them first, two sets of pliers and more but all were very time consuming. The masonry chisel was fast and effective.

The points fit well and hot glue in nicely. I also like the new colour. On my 520 ACE’s I went back to 110 grains, although I did try one point at 100 grains but didn’t really notice any difference in sight marks or tuning. The new 4mm Easton points are also slightly bulbous to me so cover the shaft nicely at the front. I’ve had no problem with them so far after shooting several hundred arrows and can recommend them.

Easton 4mm ACE Arrow Break Off Points

If you want to see me talk about these points and have a better look at them then please head on over to my archery YouTube channel and watch my Easton 4mm Break Off ACE Arrow Points video. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel while you are there.

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Easton ACE Break off Points