AAE Arrow Lube Tube Review

By | 24th November 2021

If you have ever had problems removing your arrows from the target, then you need to try some arrow lube. There are lots of different makes available like Arrow Snot and Easton lube, but the AAE version has a tube that you put your arrows in, instead of a dabber end.

In the AAE Lube Tube kit you get a plastic tube with a belt clip, and the bottle of lube. The great thing is that you can also purchase spare bottles of lube so you don’t have to buy the whole thing again, which can save you money.

I took the seal off the lube bottle and squeezed about a third of the bottle into the arrow tube. The arrow tube has some foam at the bottom and soaks up the arrow lube. You then just put your arrows into the tube, and they come out with lube on them, without any mess. There is no need to take the top off the lube tube as it is stuck on, so no caps to lose.

The handy belt clip on the tube means you can clip it onto your quiver so it’s always ready for use.

The AAE Lube Tube seems such a simple idea, but it does really work without any mess or the chance of getting arrow lube all over your hands.

I have produced a video review on the AAE Lube Tube, so have a watch of it on YouTube on my archery channel, and don’t forget to subscribe.

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