JVD Archery Target Face Umbrella Review

By | 1st December 2021

I’ve always wanted one of the archery umbrellas, but usually found myself taking it back out of my shopping cart for some reason. But this time I found myself ordering some archery bits and I saw it for only £10 so I added it to my shopping cart this time.

It arrived in just a plastic transparent sleeve, so it does not come with an umbrella cover, which is a shame, but I am sure it would have been a lot more than £10 if it did come with a cover.

The look is great with a multi-coloured standard target face on the top of the umbrella. JVD do make another version which has a black outer and yellow inner which resembles a field archery target face.

The insides of the umbrella are mainly plastic. I did get a magnet out and check this, some parts are metal but not many. That made me wonder how long this umbrella would last in heavy rain or if there was a slight wind. Unfortunately, I’ve not had to test it out in these conditions yet.

One thing I was amazed to see in a £10 umbrella is an automatic opener. It’s also a rapid opener as well, as when you open it up it nearly launches out of your hand.

All in all the JVD archery umbrella is a good sized umbrella and a good bit of fun when it’s seen on the archery field. How long it will last I’m not sure, but so far I recommend it for a super low price of £10.

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