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How To Build Arrows – Points, Nocks and Vanes

Arrow Shaft Lengths Before preparing any arrows we need to have the shaft at the correct length, as most arrows are cut from the front, so we need to cut them before adding points. When ordering your arrows archery retailers will cut them to your specification. Or you can purchase arrow shafts at stock lengths… Read More »

Last Chance Archery HS3 Digital Bow Scale Review

Thanks to Last Chance Archery for providing me with the HS3 digital bow scale to review. I actually reviewed the HS2 digital bow scale on my YouTube channel. As I created that video on the HS2 scale the HS3 had just launched at the ATA trade show in the US and I did include some… Read More »

Last Chance Archery Pocket Shop Tool Multi Tool

The Last Chance Archery pocket tool is a 20 in 1 multi-tool especially designed for archery purposes. Along with the tool comes a Velcro case with a belt loop on it, that nicely stores all the attachments that come with the Last Chance Archery multi-tool. There is also a small Allen key so you can… Read More »

Easton XX75 Platinum Plus Arrows

Easton Aluminium Arrow History Jim Easton began to experiment with aluminum as an arrow shaft, the result of his frustration with the inconsistencies of wood. He presented his first set of aluminum arrows to Larry Hughes, a local archery champion. Over the next two years, Hughes enjoyed strong results with his experimental arrows, culminating in… Read More »