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Archery Training 29-01-2016

Friday night practice pulling 40lb on Axiom limbsWhat a terrible night at training tonight. I did manage a few good ends but it seemed like the arrows were really going right tonight. I ended up having to wind out my button in order to get the arrows back to the centre of the target.

I also managed to hit my arm a couple of times with the string even with an arm guard on. I am also starting to not trust the old Platinum Plus XX75 arrows anymore. I am considering going back to my Easton ACC arrows for the rest of the indoor season. Luckily I am taking a break on Sunday and not shooting.

I also wonder about shooting into round straw bale targets. Do they ruin your arrows, can they bend your arrows quicker than shooting into solid foam or layered foam? It made me laugh when on the Easton Podcast that a listener wrote in and asked why do my Easton arrows get shredded when I shoot into straw? Easton’s response was why shoot into straw? Don’t shoot a 21st Century arrow into a 16th Century target. Your arrows will get ruined faster when shooting into straw.

Archery Skills, Tactics and Techniques Book Review

archery skills tactics techniques book

Archery, Skills, Tactics and Techniques Book from Crowood Sports Guides by Deborah Charles

This is one of my favourite archery books at the moment. It only has 90 pages, but it does cover all the basics and compared to a lot of other archery books it contains full colour images all the way through. This book only covers recurve bows, so don’t buy it if you shoot compound. There are many sections that are not specific to recurve, but you won’t get as much out of it as a recurve archer will. You can buy this book from Amazon UK

The book begins with a look at archery through the ages and the basics of archery including finding your dominant eye, finding a club and basic safety precautions when shooting.

The next section is on buying your own equipment and the book takes you through all the parts you may purchase when setting up a recurve bow outfit. Chapter 3 is all about how to make technical adjustments to your bow in order to get it shooting correctly.

The book then covers basic archery technique and shooting, it then moves on to the archery field and includes information on rounds and awards.

The rest of the book looks at building on your form as well as different arrows types and about upgrading your archery equipment and about fine tuning. The final chapter covers competing in archery competitions and how they work, rules and etiquette etc.

The book also benefits from handy hint and personal tip boxes. Archery Skills, Tactics and Techniques is easy to read, nice bright and clear pages with great colour images.

If you are an archery beginner this book contains a lot of information for you. It can tell you about setting up, tuning, regulations, shooting rounds, competing etc. Overall this is a great introductory text to archery.

Crowood Sports make a range of guides for various sports including Chess, Marathon Running, Golf, Snooker, Tennis etc. If all the other sports books are as good as this archery one then I wouldn’t hesitate in looking at those books as well.

archery skills tactics techniques book page

Buy this book from eBay
Buy this book from Amazon UK

First Time Shooting Vegas

Vegas Target Face

This was my first time shooting Vegas round today. We set four targets up on each boss. These triangular targets seem very small from 18m away.

Out of 60 arrows I only managed 43 hits. Early into the round I found I couldn’t hit anything. I think increasing the draw weight to 40lb, that combined with taking longer to aim due to the small size of the targets made me loose all my energy quite quickly.

Although I did seem to come back after a few bad ends. Shooting the Vegas small targets is definitely a good way to focus your aiming. After shooting the Vegas targets Portsmouth 60cm targets seem massive. I think I might print out or buy myself some Vegas paper targets for practice at home. The best score of the day by the way was 491.

Archery Training 22-01-2016

Tonight it was back to the Portsmouth targets, My third time shooting at 40lb draw weight. It felt OK tonight, I wasn’t too tired by the end of the night. One thing that does bug me is managing to get the sight exactly at the same place every time I put the sight back together.

I have noticed that some sights allow you to remove the sight pin part so the body of the sight stays on the sight arm, this allows people who shoot indoors to keep their exact sight mark week in week out.

Unfortunately on my SF Ultimate Pro sight I have to remove the whole moveable sight block part away from the sight arm to store it. I can’t just unscrew the sight pin as it’s connected to the whole block and not easy to remove.

sf ultimate pro sight

I do record my indoor sight marks and know roughly where they are, but I always seem to have to slightly tweak my sight marks. I suppose that’s why we have sighters in order to perfect the sight marks.

Another thing I tried to concentrate on tonight when drawing was to draw back smoothly and slowly and not rush the draw like I seem to do at the moment.

Archery Shoot 17-01-2016

Today everyone shot a Portsmouth, I didn’t bother to score today as I knew I would have a lot of tuning to do now I had increased my draw weight to 40lb. I wasn’t wrong, as I don’t have access to 20 yards at home, there was some work to do with the button (plunger) on the riser.

On my first few ends the arrows were grouping nicely but all going to the left, so I needed to wind the button in a little bit with the provided allen keys that came with my Shibuya DX button.

It took me a few ends of tweaking the button to get the arrows dead centre. I then found that my metal arrow rest had moved inward towards the riser a bit, but in reality it could have been that the button actually moved out a bit pushing the arrow over and not the arrow rest moving at all. But I altered the position of the arrow rest and everything seemed OK.

I carried on shooting at a standard 60cm Portsmouth target after a good few ends a space appeared on the line where a compounder had been shooting at a FITA 3 spot vertical face (40cm) which overall are 22cm x 66cm. I had never shot at these before, and boy do these seem small at 20 yards. By now my strength was letting me down, but I put a few ends in and was reasonably happy with my results. Very different scores to the compound bow shooting beside me though.

I did try shooting at all 3 faces, but in the end concentrated on shooting at the centre circle in order to get a feeling for what my aim and grouping was like.

FITA 3 Spot Vertical 40cm Target

Lunchtime Archery Practice

It’s good working from home as it lets you get the target out in the garden now and again, then set the bow up and have a little practice. It’s also good for me as my club in the winter only shoots on Friday and Sunday and sometimes you feel as if you do need an extra practice mid-week.

The reason for the practice today was because I wound my limbs in and my bow has gone from 38lb to 40lb draw weight. I wanted to feel what the extra 2lb was like, plus modify the button if I needed to.

The practice went quite well even in the cool January weather, but I did find that the extra 2lb draw weight soon tired me out after several ends of practice. My practice target face is a 40cm target.

Lunchtime Archery Practice

How To Wind in Recurve Riser Limb Bolts

If you want to increase your poundage and up your draw weight then wind in your limbs bolts, if you want to decrease your poundage and lower your draw weight then wind out your limb bolts on your riser.

In this video I use a pencil to mark the bolt, as I like to only give the bolt a half turn or full turn so I can easily remember what I have done and do the same to the other bolt so they are equal.

Remember to tighten the bolts and check the bolts are fixed in place, because sometimes you can tighten underneath with the Allen key and then find out the bolt still moves. That sometimes happens on my Hoyt riser.

Find more archery videos on my archery video page.

Archery Shoot – Bent Arrow

Today we all shot a Portsmouth again. I did manage slightly better than last with 475, but hardly anywhere near my personal best of 524.

My problem today was not string picture, but a strange arrow that kept going top left in the 3/4 ring and bringing my score down. After several ends into my round I decided to mark the arrow, and it turn out to be the same arrow every time.

I changed the arrow to another one and the problem was immediately fixed, back in the 8,9,10 rings.

Platinum Plus XX75 Arrow

Indoor I currently shoot with 1916 Easton Platinum Plus xx75 arrows, these are aluminium arrows and they do take a good beating, a brilliant value for money arrow at around £6 finished. I have been shooting with these arrows for about a year and they have never really been a problem.

Once I got home I placed the offending arrow on the kitchen counter top and rolled it around, the arrow then displayed its problem. I had a bent arrow. The arrow was badly bent and must have been my trouble.

I then decided to check all my arrows, and I found out that another of the arrows was slightly bent as well, another bent arrow. So I have marked them both and shall not shoot with them anymore.

So my tip for the day is to check your arrows periodically for any signs of wear  and tear and check they are completely straight.

Here is a video of my findings on YouTube