Archery Skills, Tactics and Techniques Book Review

Archery, Skills, Tactics and Techniques Book from Crowood Sports Guides by Deborah Charles This is one of my favourite archery books at the moment. It only has 90 pages, but it does cover all the basics and compared to a lot of other archery books it contains full colour images all the way through. This… Read More »

First Time Shooting Vegas

This was my first time shooting Vegas round today. We set four targets up on each boss. These triangular targets seem very small from 18m away. Out of 60 arrows I only managed 43 hits. Early into the round I found I couldn’t hit anything. I think increasing the draw weight to 40lb, that combined… Read More »

Archery Training 22-01-2016

Tonight it was back to the Portsmouth targets, My third time shooting at 40lb draw weight. It felt OK tonight, I wasn’t too tired by the end of the night. One thing that does bug me is managing to get the sight exactly at the same place every time I put the sight back together.… Read More »

Archery Shoot 17-01-2016

Today everyone shot a Portsmouth, I didn’t bother to score today as I knew I would have a lot of tuning to do now I had increased my draw weight to 40lb. I wasn’t wrong, as I don’t have access to 20 yards at home, there was some work to do with the button (plunger)… Read More »

Lunchtime Archery Practice

It’s good working from home as it lets you get the target out in the garden now and again, then set the bow up and have a little practice. It’s also good for me as my club in the winter only shoots on Friday and Sunday and sometimes you feel as if you do need… Read More »

How To Wind in Recurve Riser Limb Bolts

If you want to increase your poundage and up your draw weight then wind in your limbs bolts, if you want to decrease your poundage and lower your draw weight then wind out your limb bolts on your riser. In this video I use a pencil to mark the bolt, as I like to only… Read More »

Archery Shoot – Bent Arrow

Today we all shot a Portsmouth again. I did manage slightly better than last with 475, but hardly anywhere near my personal best of 524. My problem today was not string picture, but a strange arrow that kept going top left in the 3/4 ring and bringing my score down. After several ends into my… Read More »

The Archery Show

It dawned on me today why isn’t there a national archery show every year? My other hobby is Astronomy and we have an Astrofest in February in London with talks and trade stands and then there is another astronomy show in Coventry around May time. I am now imagining an archery show with all the… Read More »

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