Mantis X8 Archery Shooting System Review

“The Mantis X8 is an unparalleled piece of technology that will change the way you shoot”. “While attached to any bow, the X8 analyzes the smallest of movement patterns that even the human eye cannot see.  It streams the data via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone or tablet that gives you real-time feedback on… Read More »

Decut Arrow Cutter Review

If you ever have the need to cut your own arrows and are getting a bit bored of travelling to your not so local archery shop or store then how about purchasing your own arrow cutter? Admitedly an arrow cutter might not be for everybody and you’d need to cut a few arrows to make… Read More »

Black Sheep Apollo Wooden Training Bow Review

If you’re looking for a wooden training bow for yourself or for your club in order to teach beginners’ classes take a look at the Black Sheep Apollo range. We have purchased a number of these bow sets at our club and I am very impressed with the finish of the handles and the bows… Read More »

Core Archery Pro Metal Riser Review

Core Archery produce a lot of beginners archery equipment, but did you know you can get a beginners riser in not just wood but metal? Yes, you can. Core Archery produce this lovely metal riser in 24″ with a choice of colours in both left hand and right hand. The riser itself is not ILF… Read More »

Mantis X8 Archery Shooting System

The nice people at Mantis sent me an X8 Archery Shooting System to try out over lockdown. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a dongle that attaches to your bow and connects to an app to tell you how well you are shooting. It can’t give you tips – yet, but it can… Read More »

How To Make your Bow Slower

After moving inside for the archery indoor season, I always find it hard to shoot at 18m/20yds instead of at 70m. I find everything is too fast on my bow and my sight marks are right at the top. It feels like I have to point at the floor to get onto the gold. So… Read More »