Portsmouth Sunday 21/02/2016

Today we shot a Portsmouth, which was probably a good idea after shooting the fun Valentine’s Day shoot last week. Some of us also have the 10th Annual Portsmouth shoot at the Fenland Archery Club in a months time, so we need all the practice we can get. It all went quite well, there were… Read More »

Archery Training 19-02-2016

Tonight there seemed a lot less of us shooting, we all shot at Portsmouth targets. Shooting didn’t really click with me to start off with with most arrows were going in the 8 or just cutting the 9 line. It wasn’t until about half way through the night that everything clicked and I started hitting… Read More »

Valentines Day Shoot

Today I arranged a Valentines Day shoot. Ian printed the targets for us and we had 3 inner hearts and 3 larger outer hearts. The same style as a Vegas round. Recurve archers scored 1 point for the outer heart and 2 points for the inner heart. Compound archers scored 1 point for the inner… Read More »

Archery Training 12/02/16

At training tonight I opened my bag and my bow stand fell apart. It took several ends to find the metal part that fits into the leg part to allow the leg to be screwed into it. It strange, but not having a stand is debilitating. You can’t put your bow down. Sometimes I wonder… Read More »

Archery Training 05/02/16

This evening at training I brought my Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs and new string to set up. I decided to put metal nocks on the string again even though a lot of people seem to use thread or even dental floss for nock points. I borrowed a pair of nock pliers and added the metal… Read More »

Brace Height Basics

A taller brace height will: 1. Increase draw weight 2. Decrease arrow speed 3. Soften the dynamic spine of the arrow A shorter brace height will: 1. Decrease draw weight 2. Increase arrow speed 3. Stiffen the dynamic spine of the arrow Find out what brace height you are happy with by testing your bow… Read More »

Hoyt Carbon 720 Limbs

I finally succumbed to purchasing some Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs that I wanted. I ended up ordering them from Merlin Archery for around £208 + delivery. That was about the cheapest I could find them online. On the Merlin website it also showed the limbs I wanted (36lb) as being in stock so I thought… Read More »

Archery Training 29-01-2016

What a terrible night at training tonight. I did manage a few good ends but it seemed like the arrows were really going right tonight. I ended up having to wind out my button in order to get the arrows back to the centre of the target. I also managed to hit my arm a… Read More »

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