Black Sheep Apollo Wooden Training Bow Review

If you’re looking for a wooden training bow for yourself or for your club in order to teach beginners’ classes take a look at the Black Sheep Apollo range. We have purchased a number of these bow sets at our club and I am very impressed with the finish of the handles and the bows… Read More »

Core Archery Pro Metal Riser Review

Core Archery produce a lot of beginners archery equipment, but did you know you can get a beginners riser in not just wood but metal? Yes, you can. Core Archery produce this lovely metal riser in 24″ with a choice of colours in both left hand and right hand. The riser itself is not ILF… Read More »

Mantis X8 Archery Shooting System

The nice people at Mantis sent me an X8 Archery Shooting System to try out over lockdown. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a dongle that attaches to your bow and connects to an app to tell you how well you are shooting. It can’t give you tips – yet, but it can… Read More »

How To Make your Bow Slower

After moving inside for the archery indoor season, I always find it hard to shoot at 18m/20yds instead of at 70m. I find everything is too fast on my bow and my sight marks are right at the top. It feels like I have to point at the floor to get onto the gold. So… Read More »

Beiter Sight Tunnel for Recurve Bows

Why change sight pins? If you are thinking of trying a new sight pin on your recurve bow it might be worth looking at the Beiter sight tunnel.  I decided to give it a try when I found my Decut Tawant scope (which I love) was outside in certain conditions (sunny!) it showed me a… Read More »