Easton ACE Arrows, History, Spines, Points and Nocks

Easton ACE History and Barrelled shafts In the late 80’s Jim Easton devised a method to improve on the parallel design, and create a barreled Aluminum-Carbon shaft- this became the A/C/E,  introduced in 1987 and used by Jay Barrs to win the 1988 Olympic Games, as well as to set multiple world records of the… Read More »

Easton XX75 Platinum Plus Arrows

Easton Aluminium Arrow History Jim Easton began to experiment with aluminum as an arrow shaft, the result of his frustration with the inconsistencies of wood. He presented his first set of aluminum arrows to Larry Hughes, a local archery champion. Over the next two years, Hughes enjoyed strong results with his experimental arrows, culminating in… Read More »

My Arrow History – Easton XX75, ACC, ACE

Easton XX75 Arrows My arrow history begins with the first set of arrows I ever purchased when buying my first archery kit as a beginner. I had no idea what arrows I wanted, but was measured up and sold a set of Easton Platinum Plus XX75 aluminium arrows, all I had to was to choose… Read More »

World Archery Indoor World Series 2020 2021

Registration for the World Archery Indoor World Series 2020/2021 has now opened online. It’s totally free to enter as an individual for everybody, there is a payment if you want to enter a team. This indoor season World Archery wants everybody getting back to the range shooting, so have organised a monthly WA18m shoot over… Read More »

My Target Archery Bow Setup

My current recurve archery bow set up that I use for target archery is listed below. I’ve had this set up for a couple of years now, and don’t see the reason for changing anything yet. Yes I may want to upgrade to a Hoyt Faktor Xi riser and some Velos limbs at some point,… Read More »

Coach’s Eye App on Android Review

“Coach’s Eye is the world’s leading video platform for coaches and athletes who need to review athlete technique and game film. Coach’s Eye delivers state of the art coaching and content management tools on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere.” The Coach’s Eye app has been around for a while and works well with any sport… Read More »

Mantis X8 Archery Shooting System Review

“The Mantis X8 is an unparalleled piece of technology that will change the way you shoot”. “While attached to any bow, the X8 analyzes the smallest of movement patterns that even the human eye cannot see.  It streams the data via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone or tablet that gives you real-time feedback on… Read More »

Decut Arrow Cutter Review

If you ever have the need to cut your own arrows and are getting a bit bored of travelling to your not so local archery shop or store then how about purchasing your own arrow cutter? Admitedly an arrow cutter might not be for everybody and you’d need to cut a few arrows to make… Read More »