Portsmouth Zero Round

On Sunday we had our end of season shoot with a newly devised round called a Portsmouth Zero. It’s a regular Portsmouth but once you have shot 12 arrows you take the higher 6 arrow score away from the lower 6 arrow score and this number goes in the end row box. You then do… Read More »

Fenland Archers Portsmouth Tournament 2016

This was my first time at the Sir Harry College in Whittlesey for the Fenland Archers Portsmouth Tournament. If you go in the future make sure you drive right around the back of the site as that’s where everybody parks. The venue has its good and bad parts. The good part is I liked the… Read More »

Portsmouth Round 526

Today was one of our last chances to shoot a Portsmouth before the indoor season finishes and we move outside in early April. Having been told to change my release has really helped. Previously I was just releasing under my chin and not drawing the release back. I do find that releasing back has helped… Read More »

Shooting the Bray

This Sunday the nominated round was a Bray 1 at 20 yards. There is something brilliant about shooting at the smaller 40cm targets, which really enables you to hone your aiming skills. A Bray round is shot at a 40cm target, at a distance of 20 yards. There are only 10 ends of 3 arrows,… Read More »

Trip to Aim4Sport

Karl and I took a trip to Aim4Sport on Thursday. Karl was after a new clicker as his carbon Win and Win clicker had snapped in two in his bag. So he was not going to buy another one – so opted for a metal Beiter clicker. He then found it was a slightly longer… Read More »

Portsmouth Sunday 21/02/2016

Today we shot a Portsmouth, which was probably a good idea after shooting the fun Valentine’s Day shoot last week. Some of us also have the 10th Annual Portsmouth shoot at the Fenland Archery Club in a months time, so we need all the practice we can get. It all went quite well, there were… Read More »

Archery Training 19-02-2016

Tonight there seemed a lot less of us shooting, we all shot at Portsmouth targets. Shooting didn’t really click with me to start off with with most arrows were going in the 8 or just cutting the 9 line. It wasn’t until about half way through the night that everything clicked and I started hitting… Read More »

Valentines Day Shoot

Today I arranged a Valentines Day shoot. Ian printed the targets for us and we had 3 inner hearts and 3 larger outer hearts. The same style as a Vegas round. Recurve archers scored 1 point for the outer heart and 2 points for the inner heart. Compound archers scored 1 point for the inner… Read More »

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