BOWdometer Unboxing. What do you get?

I was really happy to partner with BOWdometer and become one of their ambassadors. The great thing about being a BOWdometer ambassador is of course getting a BOWdometer for free, but actually learning about what it can do and how great the company who manufacture it are. BOWdometer Unboxing If you purchase the BOWdometer yourself… Read More »

Avalon Archery Tec X Quiver Pouch Review

Archery pouches have been around for a while now. They are very popular with compound archers, but since the take up of field quivers by recurve archers, recurve archers have also started to use pouches as well. This is mainly down to the lack of pocket space in a field quiver which is a lot… Read More »

How to Add Mini Wraps to Arrows

Mini wraps are small wraps that you can add to arrows that may have your name and arrow numbers on them together with perhaps a flag or logo. You can heavily customise your mini wraps to your tastes to match you set up or arrows. They also don’t cost too much and when ordering you… Read More »

How To Build Arrows – Points, Nocks and Vanes

Arrow Shaft Lengths Before preparing any arrows we need to have the shaft at the correct length, as most arrows are cut from the front, so we need to cut them before adding points. When ordering your arrows archery retailers will cut them to your specification. Or you can purchase arrow shafts at stock lengths… Read More »

How to Wax a Bow String on your Archery Bow

Learning how to wax your bow string is quite a simple and easy task to complete. You just need to remember to do it. Why wax your bow string? Well we want to keep the water out on a rainy day and keep it waterproof, which is what the bow wax will do, otherwise the… Read More »

Archery Club Frostbite Shoot Drone Video

I decided to buy myself a DJI Mini 2 for Christmas and my second flight was at my archery club. I decided to try and video our Annual Frostbite shoot we have every year on the first Saturday of January. Apart from learning how to fly the drone, you then need to learn how to… Read More »

Last Chance Archery Pocket Shop Tool Multi Tool

The Last Chance Archery pocket tool is a 20 in 1 multi-tool especially designed for archery purposes. Along with the tool comes a Velcro case with a belt loop on it, that nicely stores all the attachments that come with the Last Chance Archery multi-tool. There is also a small Allen key so you can… Read More »