Archery Competitions

Here is a list of the more local to me archery competitions coming up this year and possibly next year. These are going to cover the Eastern side of England. More competitions More »

Archery Classification Charts

Here are a selection of the Archery GB classification charts. These are split into indoor and outdoor as well for different bow types including compound and recurve as well as gents and More »

Archery Videos

I wanted to create a number of archery videos to demonstrate various archery topics from archery basics, tips and tricks, book reviews and archery equipment reviews etc. Sometimes a video is easier More »


Outdoor Archery Training Continues

Outdoor archery training continues and the wind has been wicked in the last week or so. You are at home and don’t feel there is any wind at all, then turn up at the club to the large open field and the wind hits you. The problem with the wind is not just the problem

Weather in the UK for Archery

Well we are outside in April and it’s cold, windy, overcast and sometimes raining – well it is in the UK, what do you expect? It’s OK to see these wonderful pictures on the internet of the US Archery team practicing in the sun with suntans and other teams around the globe who come from

Archery Target Photography

Now, here’s an easy one, or is it? Archery Target Photography – when taking photographs of targets with arrows in, should the arrows be ‘out of focus’ or ‘in focus’ to get the better shot? This could divide opinion. In my mind the arrows being ‘in focus’ seems more pleasing to me. But if the

Archery Tip 2 – Target Pin Alternatives

In this video I show you a quick tip on archery target pin alternatives, just in case you don’t have any archery pins to hand. Watch and find out what this simple tip is. Archery Tip 2 – Target Pin Alternatives

Archery Tip 1 – Improve lifetime of your layered foam target

In this video I show you a quick tip on how to make your layered foam archery target last longer. No, it’s not shooting at it, or keeping it indoors. Watch and find out what this simple tip is. Archery Tip 1 – Improve lifetime of your layered foam target

Portsmouth Zero Round

On Sunday we had our end of season shoot with a newly devised round called a Portsmouth Zero. It’s a regular Portsmouth but once you have shot 12 arrows you take the higher 6 arrow score away from the lower 6 arrow score and this number goes in the end row box. You then do

Fenland Archers Portsmouth Tournament 2016

This was my first time at the Sir Harry College in Whittlesey for the Fenland Archers Portsmouth Tournament. If you go in the future make sure you drive right around the back of the site as that’s where everybody parks. The venue has its good and bad parts. The good part is I liked the

Portsmouth Round 526

Today was one of our last chances to shoot a Portsmouth before the indoor season finishes and we move outside in early April. Having been told to change my release has really helped. Previously I was just releasing under my chin and not drawing the release back. I do find that releasing back has helped