First Short Metric Done

This month at the club I have planned to shoot a number of metric rounds. The club previously have never really shot any metric rounds other than WA 70m rounds. So I decided to pick out the most popular. We shall be doing a Short Metric, Long Metric and then a Half Metric. This week… Read More »

Archery Euro Championships 2016

This weekend I attended the Archery Euro Championships 2016 in Nottingham, England. I went to the recurve Sunday and bought tickets for both sessions. I decided to buy the undercover tickets as you never know what the weather is going to be like in the UK. We set off from Cambridge in the morning at… Read More »

Warwick – Nearly a Club Record

Only 5 of us turned up for shooting last night, that must be the lowest number for a while. But the great thing was there was no wind last night on the field for a change. I decided to shoot and score a standard Warwick round (2 dozen arrows at 60yds and 2 dozen arrows… Read More »

Outdoor Archery Training Continues

Outdoor archery training continues and the wind has been wicked in the last week or so. You are at home and don’t feel there is any wind at all, then turn up at the club to the large open field and the wind hits you. The problem with the wind is not just the problem… Read More »

Weather in the UK for Archery

Well we are outside in April and it’s cold, windy, overcast and sometimes raining – well it is in the UK, what do you expect? It’s OK to see these wonderful pictures on the internet of the US Archery team practicing in the sun with suntans and other teams around the globe who come from… Read More »

Archery Target Photography

Now, here’s an easy one, or is it? Archery Target Photography – when taking photographs of targets with arrows in, should the arrows be ‘out of focus’ or ‘in focus’ to get the better shot? This could divide opinion. In my mind the arrows being ‘in focus’ seems more pleasing to me. But if the… Read More »

Archery Tip 2 – Target Pin Alternatives

In this video I show you a quick tip on archery target pin alternatives, just in case you don’t have any archery pins to hand. Watch and find out what this simple tip is. Archery Tip 2 – Target Pin Alternatives

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