How To Make your Bow Slower

After moving inside for the archery indoor season, I always find it hard to shoot at 18m/20yds instead of at 70m. I find everything is too fast on my bow and my sight marks are right at the top. It feels like I have to point at the floor to get onto the gold. So… Read More »

Beiter Sight Tunnel for Recurve Bows

Why change sight pins? If you are thinking of trying a new sight pin on your recurve bow it might be worth looking at the Beiter sight tunnel.  I decided to give it a try when I found my Decut Tawant scope (which I love) was outside in certain conditions (sunny!) it showed me a… Read More »

3D Field Fun Shoot at Broadland Bowmen

I had my first proper 3D field round last Sunday with the Broadland Bowmen over at Norwich, UK. Broadland Bowmen put on a 3D fun shoot with two rounds of 20x 3D targets in their woods. We started by taking a photograph on the known distances, but I did also bring my new Suaoki laser… Read More »

Archery Fundamentals Book Review

Archery Fundamentals by Teresa Johnson This review is of the second edition of Archery Fundamentals. This book contains around 150 pages of a good sized text font – so is easy to read but with only black and white images. Archery Fundamentals contains 12 chapters. These are bows, arrows, accessories, shooting recurve, shooting compound, alignment,… Read More »

Archery Steps to Success Book Review

Archery Steps to Success by Kathleen Haywood and Catherine Lewis There are around 240 pages in this slightly larger sized book with a glossary in the rear of the book. This review is based on the 4th edition. Lots of images in full colour make this book easy to read and very clear for the… Read More »

Archery – The Art of Repetition Book Review

Archery – The Art of Repetition by Simon Needham from Crowood Press Archery – The Art of Repetition is quite an old book now that was published originally in 2006, the version I have was printed in 2016. But it is a very well known book and a lot of archers know of it or… Read More »

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