The 252 Archery Round

The 252 round can be shot at various distances from 20 yards to 100 yards. It is a yard distance round but does not allow you to gain a classification or handicap from shooting it. What the 252 round is best at is to provide a short round that can be shot when there is… Read More »

Archery Bow Stand Hidden Feature

Does your bow stand hold a hidden secret? I’m amazed at how many archers, even those who have been shooting for a couple of years don’t know this feature on their bow stand. Now, not all bow stands have this feature, but most do. So, what is it? If you look underneath the centre of… Read More »

How To Tie a Nocking Point Fast and Easy

Tying on a nocking point can be really easy, but there are several ways to do it and a lot of videos on YouTube demonstrating these different ways. Although I don’t think there is a wrong way as long as it does not come undone or move. To perform the task of tieing a nock… Read More »

DIY Folding Archery Target Stands

Our archery club indoor target stands are used together with banded layered foam and Ten Zone layered foam targets. The stands themselves are supplied by Clickers in Norwich, UK. The main problem with the target stands is that the arms of the stands are fixed and screwed in place. This makes them difficult to store… Read More »

How To Find an Archery Club Near You

Sometimes trying to find an archery club when you are starting off can be an issue. Where do you go? What if you have the choice of several clubs in your area. Well now Archery GB have put together a great website if you are in the UK which can help you to easily find… Read More »

Cutting the Fairweather Barebow Tab

I eventually got around to cutting the Fairweather Barebow tab. I ended up just using some sharp scissors and cutting it the same size as my Decut Barbi barebow tab. I used that as a template underneath when performing the cut. I did remember to make sure I cut just the kangaroo leather first and… Read More »

Fairweather Barebow Archery Pro Tab Review

After seeing the Fairweather tab being heavily publicised everywhere I decided to go for it and buy one. Now I know I haven’t had my Decut Barbi Barebow tab for long, but I just need to try this Fairweather tab. When you order you need to order the tab and the finger ring separately, as… Read More »