WNS Adjustable Finger Sling Review

The Winners WNS adjustable finger sling is just that. A basic finger sling that only cost a few pounds each but is great for a beginner’s class or for people who are new to using a finger sling. As you can imagine on a beginners’ course, we have people with different sized hands so an… Read More »

Easton 4mm ACE Break Off Arrow Points

Easton have now stopped producing the Easton ACE inserts and screw-in points in 2021. This means you either need to change all your points or look to the second-hand market if you want to buy more, or even a competitor’s brand of points. So, what’s the new alternative, well it is some very nice smoky… Read More »

Fixing my Cartel RX10 Bow Stand

I broke my Cartel RX10 Bow Stand, yes I was trying to walk over it whilst making a video and my leg caught the stand and pushed the bow over and part of the arm broke off. I tried everything to glue it back on from super glue, vane glue, hot glue and even melting… Read More »

Cutting Arrows with the Decut POCUT Arrow Cutter

About a year after reviewing and unboxing the Decut PCOCUT arrow cutter I have finally had the chance to use it. I had some older Easton ACC arrows that needed cutting down. I’d use these arrows when coming up my recurve poundage and at the time wasn’t using a clicker, so they were too long… Read More »

BOWdometer App v2.0.2 New Features Review

In early April 2021 BOWdometer released the second edition of their app. The first edition although good was simple and straight forward, but the new version certainly looks a lot better and is graphically pleasing. What’s New? A new home screen with a shot goal that you can set for yourself. New avatars. A graph… Read More »

BOWdometer vs Mantis X8 Archery Technology

So many times, I have heard people comparing the Mantis X8 to the BOWdometer. But I cannot see how that is possible as they are two totally different archery pieces of technology. The BOWdometer predominantly counts your shots and scores your shot and provides that to you in a single number between 0 and 100.… Read More »

Mybo Synergy Star Archery Limbs Review

After having a tennis elbow pain in my bow arm, and it taking ages to heal (about 10 weeks) I decided to go back to a lower poundage limb in order to work my self back to my 38lb Hoyt limbs. I had bought Mybo products before including long rods, short rods, arrow rests etc.… Read More »

BOWdometer Unboxing. What do you get?

I was really happy to partner with BOWdometer and become one of their ambassadors. The great thing about being a BOWdometer ambassador is of course getting a BOWdometer for free, but actually learning about what it can do and how great the company who manufacture it are. BOWdometer Unboxing If you purchase the BOWdometer yourself… Read More »